Are you a Christian pursuing an enduring relationship with Jesus?

Do you seek to follow the word of the Bible and its teachings?


Deut 12:8 says, ‘You shall not do according to all that we are doing here today – everyone doing whatever is right in his own eyes.’ In other words, we do not have an objective referencing standard.

The Go Sin No More site is dedicated to Christians who are prepared to say,

‘My views don’t matter. I want to be guided by what the Bible says.’

if Christians are not thinking correctly in accordance to what is taught in the Bible, then we are not living correctly. What we believe ultimately determines how we behave.

The Project Team has meticulously sorted, rearranged and categorized the teachings of the New Testament into the major elements of Doctrines, Behaviors, and Sins. It will reduce ambiguity for believers.

Each element will be supported with its related biblical verse(s) as well as an accompanying explanation or commentary.

Because of technology, we are able to harness the experience and knowledge of Christians across the oceans to build a one-stop reference site for all to use.

Here are our fundamental beliefs:

  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the final authority for Christians,
  2. Jesus’ death on the cross is the only sacrifice that could remove the penalty of our sin,
  3. Salvation is through faith alone,
  4. Repentance from dead works follows on we have become Christians,
  5. We are not saved by good works but saved for good works,
  6. All men will be judged and the words of Jesus will be our judge,
  7. Heaven and hell are real places,
  8. Jesus is the head of the church, and
  9. Jesus will return to earth in power and in glory as the avenging Messiah.

In addition, we support the following:

  1. Christians can lose their salvation and therefore ‘once saved, always saved’ is an incorrect doctrine – See S139,
  2. There are EIGHT possible unpardonable sins – See S138 to S145
  3. God has not rejected the Jews – See D119,
  4. God created us as male and female – See D317,
  5. Tongue is the evidence for baptism with the Holy Spirit – See D194,
  6. Our growth is measured by our faith in God – See D188,
  7. God (the Lord of heaven and earth) is in control – See D16,
  8. Satan is the prince of this world – See D92,
  9. Believers hold the privilege to know the mysteries of God’s kingdom – See D117,
  10. Persecution and hatred for believers should not surprise us – See D139,
  11. Christians are to run if persecuted – See D281,
  12. The Great Tribulation is not the wrath of God – See D277,
  13. Christians can eat all things with a few exceptions – See B311,
  14. Christians are to set aside money to give away weekly (this is not the same as tithing) – See B332 and B336,
  15. If believers are going through suffering, we can look towards the courage of the Apostle Paul and our Lord Jesus – See D316,
  16. Offences are normal and Jesus had instituted a way to deal with them – See D357 to D368,
  17. Illness is normal even among believers – See D147
  18. The words of Jesus will be our judge – See D205,
  19. For believers, our salvation is secured but our works will be evaluated – See D206,
  20. Rewards are waiting for faithful believers – See D209.


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