Jesus was at the temple when some Pharisees brought a woman who was caught in adultery to him. They wanted to see how Jesus would respond as the Mosaic Law required the adulterer to be stoned. Amazingly, Jesus defused the situation and the woman was left unharmed. Following that, Jesus counseled the woman with these words, ‘Go (and from now on), sin no more.’ – John 8:1-11.

What exactly are ‘sins’? We do not determine sins. Otherwise, it will be a case of everyone deciding what is right in his/ her own eyes, just like Judges 21:25. The Bible tells us what sins are and that is sufficient for us. The problem is, these sin elements are scattered across the Scripture.

The ‘Go, Sin No More’ project aims to change that by sorting and categorizing those sins found in the New Testament into logical groupings. Once that is achieved, we intend to do the same for ‘Christian Behaviors’ and ‘Doctrines’.

The project is a labor of love from a tight group of evangelical Christians based across the oceans.

The project’s focus is on the New Testament and aims to fulfill the following:

  • Provide believers an excellent point of reference for issues on sins, behaviors, and doctrines,
  • Assist Bible teachers in studying God’s word, and
  • Facilitate discussions of small groups.

Nonetheless, we would like to emphasize that the project is NOT:

  • A morality checklist for believers to use on themselves and their neighbors, and
  • A replacement for regular Bible reading.

The simplest way is to live our lives according to the second commandment of God – ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ (Mark 12:31).

This is a ‘live’ project. We would like to interact with you, gather your feedback, and update our list. Please click here for further information.

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