Is racism a sin?

There is so much talk about racism but is racism a sin? A friend suggested that it is. But what...

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Covid 19 and the implications to Christians

Covid 19 has changed the way for all Christians across the world. There are tremendous implications in this new world...

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Why ‘Gosinnomore’? Part 2 – Inspiration from a Jewish Intellectual

Born in AD 1135, Moses Maimonides or Moses Ben Maimon, also called Rambam, is considered one of the foremost intellectual...

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Prophets of God

How often have we heard in our churches, ‘Thus saith the Lord’? These prophets of God utter words to speak...

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Why ‘Gosinnomore’? Part 1 – Everyone did what was right in his own eyes

When Adam and Eve were created, the Lord left a specific instruction for them in Gen 2:16-17 - “You may...

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Faith, Fear, Folly, Fatalism

What exactly is faith? Let us define what faith is not. Faith is neither fear, folly nor fatalism. Fear is...

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Awkward Conversations

God will forgive our sins even if they are big and great. But there is only one requirement: we must...

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